White Cheddar Curds

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White Cheddar in its freshest form.  These salty, semi-firm “squeakers” are a perfect snack replacement for string cheese. A favorite for all ages.

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2 reviews for White Cheddar Curds

  1. This is a salty, habit forming cheese snack we pucked up on our way home from Arizona. Wish we had tasted it before left Bravo Farms. Definitely would have purchased more. WILL STOP AGAIN and pick some up. LOVE THIS CHEESE.

  2. I love this cheese!
    I use it in Poutine, a Canadian French fry dish. Crispy fries, brown gravy & white cheddar curd cheese. Look it up!

    I pass Bravo Farms 4 times a month. I stop for Curd Cheese & Habanero Cheese, very very spicy!
    I use it in my homemade Spicy Mac n Cheese.

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